<em>Spirituality in Clinical Practice</em>: Endings and beginnings.

This editorial announces the departure of the editors who had the privilege of birthing the Spirituality in Clinical Practice (SCP) journal. Now as their term as editors ends, they look back at how this vision took shape. Since that meeting with the APA Publications Board 7 years ago, the global impact of spirituality on clinical practice has been notable. They would like to think that SCP has played some role in that impact. Besides giving authors and readers a new forum that reflects their values, concerns, reflections, and innovative practices, the journal has endeavored to be both a mirror and agent of change. They have published reviews, studies, and reflections that have honored the spiritual traditions and clinical practices of the past and present. In addition, they have promoted a discussion of pressing current and future concerns and applications to move the field forward. They have also encouraged change by promoting special issues on pressing needs, concerns, and misconceptions. In conclusion, the editors introduce the new editor, Thomas Plante, who has had a long and distinguished career in teaching, researching, and publishing about spiritual and religious issues. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)